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Military Affairs

The brave men and women of our Armed Services dutifully serve our nation with an admirable devotion to defend our freedoms and our beloved country. Our veterans deserve our utmost respect, and they deserve the very best our nation has to offer. Florida's 19th Congressional District is home to many of our nation's heroes, both past and present, and I am forever indebted to their selfless service. As a member of this Congressional body, we must tackle veteran suicide, champion veteran employment opportunities, and ensure every veteran has access to expeditious and quality healthcare.    

We cannot give in to reckless calls to defund and deplete our military. The world is a dangerous place, and our list of adversaries is not shrinking—we must remain the world's militaristic superpower and ensure our nation has the means to protect and defend itself. We must also realize that America cannot continue to be the world's policeman. For nearly 20 years, Washington politicians have irresponsibly kept our troops overseas with no direction leading to devastating casualties and trillions of taxpayer dollars wasted in a notoriously tumultuous region of the world. We must put an end to endless wars now.