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Water serves as the lifeblood of the Southwest Florida community and economy. As your Congressman and a father of three, I am committed to preserving and protecting our waterways for generations to come. We must find equitable solutions to Lake Okeechobee releases, while also supporting measures that protect our environment and combat harmful algal blooms. Ensuring clean water for Southwest Florida is my number one priority as your Representative, and that's why I've supported multiple measures since assuming office that coincide with the preservation of Southwest Florida's waterways: 

Introduced the Protecting Communities from Harmful Algal Blooms Act of 2022
                 - This bipartisan legislation would allow governors to include 'algal blooms' in Major Disaster Declarations to preserve & protect vital marine ecosystems.

 Introduced the Harmful Algal Bloom Essential Forecasting Act of  2021 
                 - This bipartisan legislation fosters the federal governments resources to tackle harmful algal blooms by ensuring that        even during the event of a temporary government shutdown essential harmful algal bloom monitoring services still receive vital federal funding for operation.

Co-Sponsored H.R. 160 - Restoring Resilient Reefs Act of 2021 
                - I proudly Co-Sponsored bipartisan legislation that addresses the need for conservation and stability for coral reefs in our waters. This legislation aims to protect and conserve our coral reefs by establishing grants, research programs, and creates a National Coral Reef Management Fellowship Program.

Letter to Department of Commerce Secretary 
                 - I joined Florida Senator Marco Rubio in sending a letter to Department of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo urging her to approve the State of Florida's request to grant assistance to the Florida fisheries that have been severely negatively impacted by harmful algal blooms.

Congressional Letter to President Biden Urging Him to Including Everglades Restoration Funding In His Budget Proposal 
                  - Everglades Restoration projects have seen significant bipartisan support for years, and that is why I joined Senator Marco Rubio and the entire Florida Congressional Delegation in a joint letter addressed to President Biden to continue the necessary federal funding to complete vital and necessary Everglades Restoration projects.

Tour of SWFL Estuaries 
                - This past spring, I joined several local Southwest Florida leaders for a tour of local waterways and estuaries to learn and discuss ways we can partner to ensure the preservation of our water and these vital ecosystems. 

Everglades and Lake Okeechobee Tour 
                 - I joined several of my Congressional colleagues, state leaders, and water experts on an expansive tour of the Florida Everglades and Lake Okeechobee to see these ecosystems firsthand, learn how they impact one another, and develop a deeper understanding of this complex issue and how we can move forward together as a state to find an equitable solution regarding discharges and releases from Lake Okeechobee. 

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