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Congressman Donalds Introduces the National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) introduced the National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act. This legislation seeks to create consultation between the president and various federal government entities to develop a national strategy to utilize clean, reliable, and portable nuclear microreactors—instead of diesel generators—to assist with natural disaster recovery efforts.

“Our nation must effectively utilize and optimize the benefits of microreactors,”said Rep. Donalds.“As an emerging energy force, nuclear provides the nation with a rare opportunity to promote bipartisan policies that ensures clean, reliable, and long-lasting American energy independence. This legislation requires the president to work closely with key government agencies, who don’t regularly collaborate, to create an effective and strategic response to natural disasters. Aimed to foster economic and energy prosperity, I’m grateful to Rep. Doyle and Rep. Fleischmann for supporting this critical legislation.”

“NuclearMicroreactors have the potential to provide long-term, reliable energy generation for areas affected by natural disasters,”said Rep. Doyle.“Microreactors can be easily transported and provide reliable, clean, and long-lasting electricity. Given this potential, it is important that the federal government create a strategy for the deployment, stationing, and use of microreactors in the aftermath of natural disasters. That is why this legislation is important, so we can better prepare for faster recoveries for communities being hit by more frequent and stronger storms. We can provide a better and cleaner disaster response and the National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act would lay out the plan for that future.”

“I am proud to support this bill that utilizes the best of innovative American technology to provide clean and reliable energy to people in our nation who are affected by natural disasters,”said Rep. Fleischmann.“Nuclear microreactors can be transported easily to areas recovering from natural disasters and provide thousands of people with reliable electricity. This bill is an important step toward increasing our nation's ability to become the leader in nuclear energy, and I urge Congress to swiftly pass this bill.”

“The Nuclear Energy Institute applauds the introduction of the National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act today. Advanced nuclear reactors will be the backbone of the clean energy grid of the future. In times of emergency, these reactors can be easily transported and will be needed to offer the reliable and clean electricity options necessary to respond. This bipartisan legislation recognizes the critical role microreactors must play in disaster response, while also realizing that nuclear is the carbon-free solution to removing the reliance on carbon-emitting diesel generators when disaster strikes. I want to thank Representatives Donalds and Doyle for their work on this very important and smart legislation. There is no time for uncertainty during or after a natural disaster, and nuclear is the source that will provide the reliable, steady power needed for recovery.” –Maria Korsnick, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute

"The National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act builds off the Department of Defense's Project Pele and helps develop a strategy to deploy mobile microreactors in new applications, including disaster relief. We are excited to see Rep. Donald's leadership on nuclear energy and his effort to deploy clean energy during an emergency.Rich Powell, Chief Executive Officer of ClearPath Action

"New generations of microreactors are an essential, reliable source for our future energy needs, including deployable applications for national security and emergency response to natural disasters when other power sources are knocked offline. The United Coalition forAdvanced Nuclear Power (UCAN Power) supports this legislation and commends the bipartisan effort of Congressmen Donalds, Fleischmann, and Doyle."–Brian McCormack, Principal Director of the United Coalition for Advanced Nuclear Power (UCAN Power)

"This bill is the first to address the potential benefits of advanced nuclear microreactors as a portable source of clean and dispatchable energy and electricity for natural disaster response. The proposed national strategy will help us better understand how microreactorscan help meet the need for reliable and clean energy to support evacuees and natural disaster first responders."–Judi Greenwald, Executive Director of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance

“Our organization, The Nuclear Alternative Project, is excited to see the inclusion of Microreactors in the National Strategy for Natural Disaster Response. We are honored to have provided feedback in this important bill.” –Angel Reyes, Chief Technology Officer of the Nuclear Alternative Project

“Clean, reliable, and rapidly deployable power is critical to saving lives during a natural disaster. Advanced nuclear microreactors are capable of providing a long-duration power source for these scenarios with advanced safety features. The ability of microreactors to be transported and provide consistent power will help save lives in the short term, while their carbon-free energy generation will save lives in the long term. I applaud Congressman Donalds for his efforts on the National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act to help modernize the federal response to natural disasters.”–Doug Bernauer, CEO of Radiant Nuclear

“Advancing the role of microreactors is essential, assuring the military has the reliable, baseload power it needs in all situations. We commend Congressman Donalds in moving forward the National Strategy to Utilize Microreactors for Natural Disaster Response Efforts Act,an important and imperative step forward”Bret Kugelmass, Chief Executive Officer of Last Energy

Original co-sponsors of this legislation include: Representatives Mike Doyle (PA-18) and Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03).


Nuclear energy is on the precipice of gaining bipartisan support in Congress—with its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reclaim America’s energy independence. With the world’s largest nuclear power industry, the United States has the capacity and ability to become a global nuclear leader. Now is the time for the United States to embrace advancement in nuclear energy innovation, infrastructure, and technology to no longer be dependent on foreign adversaries for energy. With the potential to be easily transported, microreactors have the ability to provide clean and reliable energy to areas that have been severely impacted by a natural disaster. The widespread adoption to nuclear energy, and advanced nuclear reactors specifically, will be a critical step towards the wellbeing of Americans and bolstering our national security.

This legislation can be read in its entirety here.