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Donalds: We Are One Week Away From Title 42 Expiring

WASHINGTON - Today, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) issued the following statement sounding the alarm on the expiration of Title 42 one week from today. 

“Since taking office, President Biden handed over our border and national security to radical ACLU progressives putting our nation, its people, and our sovereignty in grave danger. Title 42 is not a right-wing effort to prevent immigrants from entering the country—this is a bipartisan policy intended to address the pandemic's public health emergency while easing the cascade of illegal migration. Throughout 16 months, border crossings are up over 300% in specific sectors and surpassing records month after month across the board.

“This administration's purposeful neglect of our border emboldens human traffickers and the systematic rape and assault of women and girls and drug smugglers who bring deadly fentanyl into our communities. Ending Title 42 will officially open our nation to any person willing and able to exploit our open border, leaving America vulnerable to attacks and undermining our rule of law.”