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Donalds Stands With Jewish Americans And Condemns Vile Anti-Semitism

WASHINGTON – Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) released the following statement regarding the consideration of recent anti-Semitism legislation in Congress:

"Jewish students across our nation are being intimidated, assaulted, and blocked from attending class by anti-Semitic, Hamas apologists. Those who break our laws must be prosecuted to the fullest-extent of the law and anti-Semitic rhetoric must be roundly condemned by officials at all levels of our government.

"Yesterday, I walked directly into the illegal encampment at George Washington University and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Jewish students. I stared down the anarchists, anti-Semites, and Hamas apologists, debated these masked agitators eye- to-eye, and proudly defended Jewish Americans.

"All discrimination must be prohibited, and it is critical that anti-Semitism is clearly defined. In the Florida Legislature, I voted for H.B. 741 of 2019, which defines anti-Semitism as hateful perceptions, rhetorical and physical manifestations, language that justifies the killing or harming of Jews, Holocaust disinformation, tropes regarding dual loyalties, the application of a double standard towards Israel, and denial of the fact that Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people.

"I hold deep concerns regarding the constitutionality of the anti-Semitism bill that was offered yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives. Procedurally, the bill was rushed, the language was unclear, and no amendments were allowed. I believe in an open legislative process and would support this bill with amendments that mirror the important determinations codified within Florida’s H.B. 741 of 2019.

"I remain steadfast in my support of the State of Israel and my Jewish neighbors across our Southwest Florida community, the Sunshine State, and the nation. This vile scourge of anti-Semitism must be stopped and I will always stand strongly as your advocate in the halls of Congress."