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ICYMI: Donalds Joins Life, Liberty & Levin

WASHINGTON – Last night, Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) joined Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News Channel to discuss opposition to the Senate's amnesty bill, the need for stronger leadership by Congressional Republicans, Biden family corruption, and the American people's wholesale rejection of Joe Biden's legislative agenda.

Watch the full interview here

This is why we don't listen to the Senate Republicans:

“This is why we don't listen to the Senate Republicans. This is why House Republicans have done a really tough job and the hard job of trying to find consensus amongst Republicans about what a good border security package looks like. We did that with H.R. 2. It will protect our nation, and it will also protect these migrants–some of which are sold into sex slavery, some of which are abused by the cartels and by the coyotes. It protects them as well. But what they did in the Senate is once again some ham-handed deal that would help the Democrats save face, give the Republican leadership an ability to say they did something, and if it became law, the American people would quickly realize nothing changed except that the politicians patted themselves on the back. We're just not interested in that and so, that's why our position has been clear, that in that negotiation, they can do whatever they want, but we're going to look at the details, and when the details came out, it was a bill that should never see the light of day."

What we should be doing is leading:

“Too often, some of my colleagues in the House, and too many Republican Senators say, 'Well we have to show that we can govern. We have to demonstrate to the American people that we can actually keep the government moving,' and that's not what the American people are looking for. We have to demonstrate that we can lead. We have to demonstrate that there are principles, there are some basic, bedrock ideals that we are going to fight for, and there are legislative solutions that are going to put our country in the best position possible, and put our people in the best position possible. If the Democrats don't want to go along with that, that's their problem. That's not ours. But we shouldn't just be trying to come up with these negotiated governing arrangements so the federal government can remain open. What we should be doing is leading and my biggest hope is that at some point, the Senate Republicans will join us to actually be leaders in this country and not just capitulate to the Democrats."