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ICYMI: Donalds Joins Mornings With Maria Bartiromo

WASHINGTON – Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) joined Mornings With Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network to discuss updates in the ongoing investigation into Biden family corruption.

Watch the full interview here

Department of Justice was not going to investigate any of this:

“When the government is trying to go at warp-speed, you know that they’re up to no good and it's fishy business. Now on to Hunter Biden and to his ‘Sugar Brother’ as we're going to call him. Look, this is incredibly fishy again. Number one: he has a stake in a Chinese company that he got from Hunter Biden, so you already know this is not above board. The only reason why these things are even allowed to exist is because of Hunter Biden’s daddy–Joe Biden, the current President of the United States. And number two: if Hunter Biden was lent money to pay his taxes, his tax liability, he still owes that money. These loans are ways to skirt the tax code. So, Hunter Biden is going to have to pay taxes on this money. Where’s he going to get it from? I guess he’s going to get it from the influence-peddling scheme that Joe Biden has allowed his son and his brother to create off of his name in politics. That is why this is so terrible. And you’re right, Maria, the Department of Justice was not going to investigate any of this if House Republicans didn’t hold the Biden family accountable. We’re going to continue our investigations, but this stake in the Chinese company stinks to high heaven because Mr. Morris would have never got it if it wasn’t for Hunter Biden and Hunter Biden would have never been able to make that deal if it wasn’t for Joe Biden.”