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117 - Healthcare

As a firm believer in limited federal government, I can not support the imposition of unaffordable and unconstitutional healthcare on the American people. As a nation with the most advanced medical practices and medicine in the modern world, the United States should have a prospering healthcare system, not be inundated with the failure of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is a ruse by the federal government to seize control over the health care and insurance industry, slowly leading the U.S. to a single-payer socialist system.

By providing healthcare tax benefits and incentives to individuals, costs within the healthcare market will substantially decrease. I am a strong supporter of implementing the Commerce Clause, which allows for health insurance to be purchased and used across state lines. This would broaden provider access to millions of Americans and cut bureaucratic red-tape from those that are in need of immediate care. Furthermore, implementing state reciprocity allows for American citizens to seek their own doctors, while simultaneously allowing the free market to prosper and work as intended.These reforms within the healthcare and insurance industry that are patient-based, remove excessive costs, rid the federal government of individual healthcare decisions, and empowers Americans- not politicians in Washington.