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Immigration (USCIS and NVC)

There are many options constituents can access regarding their immigration case(s) prior to inquiring with their congressman. Check processing times, get a status check and find out how to file an expedite online.

Check your Case Status – With your receipt number I hand, click the link below and fill out the information needed on the USCIS webpage to see where your case stands with the agency. 
Case Status Online - Case Status Search (

 Processing time with USCIS – Each form has a different processing time depending on the form type and service center or field office. Use the link below to see if you are within the processing timeframe.

If your case has been pending longer than the timeframe given you can inquire with the agency by clicking the link below

 If your case is still within the processing time and you have a qualified life/death situation that warrants immediate attention you can file for an expedite request. View the supporting documents you will need as well as how to file here:

How to Make an Expedite Request | USCIS

 If you need any other assistance including seeking legal assistance, finding out how to file for citizenship, and many other resources, please see the “Tool” website. 

Tools | USCIS

We strongly encourage you to create an online account with USCIS or CEAC (Department of State/NVC) to access your case information 24/7 and communicate with the agency

NVC/Embassy cases

Are you waiting for an embassy appointment? 

Wait times for embassy appointments vary depending on the country and the embassy that is working on the visa application. If you are experiencing a life-or-death emergency and you or your family need an appointment right away, please look at the NVC (National Visa Center) website to learn how to gather the proper documents and request an expedite. 

Immigrant Visas Processing - General FAQs (

Check the status of an NVC/embassy case by visiting the Department of State website here:

Have a question about your case and can’t find the answer? Inquire with the National Visa Center via their public inquiry form here:

If you need further assistance, please email and a caseworker will send you the proper privacy release form for you to fill out. A privacy release form is needed for a caseworker to review your case and communicate with the agency on your behalf.